30D2R - Bud and Roach Solo

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, we discuss: growing up Jehovah’s Witnesses, the hierarchy of the political system, how to deal with complaints within the community, how Jehovah’s Witnesses are not supposed to vote, the V for Vendetta movie and its relation to the free Britney Spears, the injuries and long-distance shooting in the NBA and how it has made big men obsolete, the decision to stop wanting big contracts and focus on smaller, more consistent contracts in fantasy football, the process of buying a team, the possible civil unrest that could result from the murder of Brianna Taylor, an incident in which a boy scout leader who was being abused by his parents, a duo who were thrown out of a live performance venue for playing too loudly, how to increase attendance at live performances by bringing in local stars, the argument that it is not the responsibility of the artist to tell fans that their work is not good, but it is the artist’s responsibility to continue to improve and do better work, rides at Universal Studios, the dangers of solo policing, the prevalence of Secret Service agents in the city, and their new studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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