When I Was Drunk (Album)

Having released and pulled down most of my musical releases from distribution, I decided I wanted to take the best of what I had recorded and release it as a collection, an album entitled “When I Was Drunk”. With each WAV file, each lyric, and each note, memories of late nights and blurry mornings flashed before me, painting a vivid picture of a man lost in his own demons. But as painful as it was to revisit these moments, I couldn’t help but see the beauty in it all, the rawness of the emotions, the uninhibited creativity, and the utter honesty. I clicked through folders on my computer, each song a small piece of my life. As I played each track, I allowed myself to slip into the memories, both good and bad. There were nights I stumbled home drunk, words slurring as I tried to pen the lyrics to what would become what I thought at the time were life-changing songs. With each memory came the harsh reminder of the alcohol that accompanied it, the liquid courage that fueled my creativity but also stole away pieces of my life. I recalled the hangovers, the mornings spent with my head pounding, trying to piece together the previous night. The fights with loved ones, the words spoken in anger, and the reckless behavior that put not only myself but others at risk. As I listened to the last song, I was both proud that I had created something powerful and authentic from the depths of my darkness and sad that I had allowed myself to be consumed by the addiction that nearly cost me everything. But as I rebranded the artwork, the album cover now featuring a photo of me holding an ice-cold beer, I knew that this collection of songs was a testament to my growth and resilience. “When I Was Drunk” would not see the light of day on streaming platforms, but that didn’t matter. It would serve as a constant reminder of my past and a promise to my future – a promise that I would continue to push forward, to create, and to never return to the darkness that once enveloped me.

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