The Panel At The Park

I would get booked to speak on a creative panel at a park in Queens. With Bud and Roach Show back in constant motion, my insight on the industry, overcoming obstacles, and growing a brand would serve to be valuable to anyone who had yet to experience those troubling waters, and I did my best to prepare for the questions ahead of me. In typical Roach fashion, I would include a timeslot for a live performance as part of my participation, which would be quickly obliged. As I stood under the tent, waiting for my turn to take the stage, I couldn’t help but feel a familiar sense of nervousness. It had been a while since I had performed in front of a live audience, and I wasn’t sure how I would do. But I knew that I had prepared as much as I could, recording myself singing in Logic Pro X alone in my living room just days earlier, and I kept a beer in my hand to calm my nerves. As the person before me finished their performance, I took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage. The crowd was small, but it didn’t matter. I was here to do what I loved, and that was all that mattered. I introduced myself and launched into the first song. The crowd was receptive, nodding along to the music and tapping their feet. I could feel the energy building in the park, and I knew that I was doing something right. As I finished the second song, I took another swig of my beer and looked out at the crowd. They were waiting for me to sing some more, and I knew that this was my chance to really showcase my vocal ability. My heart was pounding in my chest as I took a deep breath and launched into the first notes of “There There” by Radiohead. My voice rang out clear and strong, and I watched as the faces of the people in the crowd lit up with surprise. As the song ended, the crowd erupted into applause. I took a bow, feeling proud of what I had just accomplished. I knew that this was just the beginning and that there were many more performances to come. While no footage of this event exists, what remained from that day was the memory of sharing my story on stage with fellow creators, giving them a live performance to remember, and the mp3 of my rehearsal session during my attempt to capture the essence of Thom Yorke.

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