Talk Show's On Mute (Incubus)

I’ve never underplayed the importance of Incubus in my life. Their early lyrics would come to have a huge impact on my relationship with the church. From my very first rehearsal sessions, covering records off the “Make Yourself” and “Morning View” albums, I worked tirelessly to find my own voice by failing to imitate the voices of those I grew up listening to. But as my range drew closer and closer to Brandon Boyd’s, an odd relationship developed. Their songs would come to be expected requests at my shows, and I felt as though I was taking a part of their success and making it my own. Nuck called me earlier in the day, notifying me of a coming event later in the evening. With alcohol involved, my presence was expected. I eagerly awaited nightfall and set up my recording equipment to pass the time. At that moment, I began recording sections of a cover. “Talk Show’s On Mute”; a classic off of one of their later albums, “A Crow Left Of The Murder”. I compiled the video in Final Cut and sat back in amazement. I became drunk off of myself and envisioned a dark figure smoking a cigar, knocking down my door with a record contract. I was as green as they come but very hungry. After uploading the video, I set out for the city, watching enthusiastically on my cell phone during my commute. I bragged about it that night, completely certain that by uploading the video, the world would finally see how “talented” I am.

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