Someday (The Strokes)

There’s a certain electricity in the air when a band like The Strokes comes along, revolutionizing how we consume music and sparking an insatiable hunger for more. Julian Casablancas, that iconic frontman, was my hero. He commanded the stage with his leather jackets and dark shades, and I couldn’t help but want to emulate him. I craved that life – the freedom and camaraderie of hanging out with fellow musicians in a dimly lit New York City bar. Though I was too young to drink at the time, I would close my eyes and imagine the hazy, euphoric feeling that I assumed alcohol would bring. I was intoxicated by the dream alone. The Strokes was the first and only band that ever drove me to call into 92.3 K-Rock, just to request their tunes while I was working at some mind-numbing temp job. It didn’t matter where I was, or what I was doing – singing along with Julian gave me a sense of sanity amid the daily drudgery. Those moments of musical escape helped me feel alive, tethering me to my dreams even as I toiled away at tasks that seemed unrelated. As a rhythm guitarist, I’d always found solace in strumming chords and writing lyrics. The Strokes’ music spoke to me on a deeper level, and I was determined to master their sound. Once I discovered that I could strum my way into a cover of one of their songs, I dove in headfirst. I wanted to capture the spirit of the band and their music, to pay homage to the art that had changed my life. In those early days of YouTube, back in 2007, I sat down in front of my computer, armed with my guitar, a tank top, and a backward baseball cap. The camera rolled as I poured my heart and soul into an acoustic rendition of “Someday.” The raw emotion and passion in my performance resonated with people, and the video began to gain traction. I watched in awe as the view count climbed, reaching over 20,000 people who connected with my tribute to the band that had inspired me so deeply.

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