With a growing series of consistent events in motion, I would have Gizzi’s on lock. The venue became a second home, and I spent as much time there as I had anywhere else. The constant conflict between my role as artist and producer would come to be evident to those around me, as I almost always opted to perform time slots given to me, rather than book 3rd party performances. This luxury allowed me to take the stage whenever I wanted, and with major public transportation stops nearby, Gizzi’s became the place to see Alex Montanez perform. The venue would pack out, featuring the smiling faces of those in my life supportive of my career. Family. Friends. Flings. The melting pot of characters that would attend made the view from the stage as equally as impressive as the view of it. With a dual camera setup, I would take the stage and perform the ever-complicated acoustic version of “Pardon Me”. As the actual acoustic performances of this song feature guitarist Mike Einziger and vocalist Brandon Boyd, it was unheard of amongst musicians to both sing and play this rendition as a solo act; a task I was eager to accomplish in front of that beautiful crowd.

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