Other Side (Original)

After the release of “One Time”, I was on a high, although it was short-lived. Having poured myself into the project, the music video release was a monumental moment in showing the people around me that I was still very much in the game. Alonzo was proud to direct, Amanda was proud to act, and Brenna was proud to witness it all unfold. I’d sit at the computer, watching the video on repeat, feeling as though I needed to follow it up quickly with another song. Having spent some time browsing samples on Splice, I’d recreate a sample using a MIDI controller and Logic Pro X, which would become the foundation for my latest creation “Other Side”. The song, centered around my ego, my tumultuous relationship with the pursuit of fame and fortune, and the contract I had signed many moons before, would feature haunting melodies that reminded me of the best and worst of myself, and how the darkest parts of my journey were the loneliest. “I see you on the other side. I see you under that light there.” Making reference to my reflection staring back at me, the constant struggle between my ego’s inflation and my self-deprecation would often cripple me. But my promise to never abandon my pursuits had left me in shambles over and over, and as I struggled to regain my footing as an artist, my daily drinking did nothing to assist my mission, often leaving me in a depressive state. One fateful evening, as the clock struck midnight, I sat down with pen and paper, determined to capture the essence of “Other Side”. As the beat played in the background, I felt a sudden rush of inspiration, and the words began to flow. The first verse addressed the complexity of my own identity, the battle between the man in the mirror and the person I aspired to be. The pain and raw emotion of my struggle poured out onto the page, each line more vulnerable than the last. As I moved on to the chorus, I found myself singing the haunting melody that had been playing in my head. “I see you on the other side, I see you under that light there.” The words seemed to encapsulate the duality of my existence, the two sides of me locked in an eternal dance. The second verse delved into the darker aspects of my journey, the sacrifices I had made for fame, and the contract that bound me to my dreams. In just 15 minutes, I put down my pen, feeling a strange mix of accomplishment and exhaustion. The lyrics for “Other Side” were complete, a snapshot of my soul laid bare for the world to see.

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