After recording “6 Ride” and immersing myself in the creative process, I knew it was time to find a distribution platform for the music I would be releasing under Global Domination Productions. My history with TuneCore had left a sour taste in my mouth, so I decided to explore the latest tech in music distribution. That’s when I stumbled upon BeatStars. Not only was BeatStars an incredible distribution platform, but it also offered a marketplace for production. Excited, I dove into the BeatStars Marketplace and began searching through the thousands of producers it seemed I now had access to. I knew I had limitations in my own music theory knowledge, and I didn’t want to confine myself to what I already knew. I wanted to explore new sounds and see what others could bring to the table, which would allow me to write and sing on top of their creations. As I sifted through the vast selection of producers, I found an instrumental from a duo called Frank Moses and BlindForLove. The quality of their sound sent shivers down my spine, and I instantly saw my entry into the pop genre. I sat down at my computer, a cold beer in hand, and began writing a tune that would eventually be called “One Time.” Channeling memories of heartbreak and embarrassment, I breezed through the writing process, the words flowing onto the screen effortlessly. Once I had the lyrics down, I quickly turned my attention to my bathroom, which I had transformed into a makeshift recording booth. With blankets draped over the shower rod to dampen the reverb in the room, I eagerly began recording what would become my first pop tune and the song that I believed would catapult me into superstardom. In the dim light of the bathroom, I lost myself in the emotion of the song, pouring my heart and soul into every note. As I belted out the lyrics, I felt a newfound sense of liberation. The song seemed to capture the essence of my journey, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was on the cusp of something great. Despite the beer that flowed through my veins and clouded my judgment, I remained focused on my goal – to be the star I was destined to be.

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