Other Side (Original)

It was a whirlwind. The recording for “One Time” had been finalized and scheduled for distribution, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. My self-diagnosed ADHD made it difficult for me to focus on just one thing, and I had a massive list of potential projects to work on next. One of those projects was shooting GDP’s first legitimate music video, and with the help of Danny Garcia at FirstLive, I managed to secure a Blackmagic Cinema camera to make it happen. My mind raced with ideas, but I knew I needed the perfect actress to play the role of my ex-love interest in the video. That’s when Amanda Marie, aka Mandy, came to mind. She was an aspiring actress with striking beauty, exactly the type of person who could make a $2,000 camera sing. I reached out to her, and she agreed to join the production, along with her boyfriend EJ. With Alonzo and Brenna, we eagerly awaited their arrival at our apartment. Knowing that alcohol would be heavily involved in the video, a quick liquor store run made sure we had the right “props” on hand. With a bottle of Hennessy secured, we set out on our mission, bouncing around Brooklyn to find the perfect locations for the shoot. As the day progressed, Amanda’s natural beauty and on-screen presence captivated me. I knew she was the right choice, and the footage we were capturing was pure gold. The synergy between all of us was electric, and the alcohol only fueled our creative fire. Finally, it was time for the last scene, and I had a vision in mind: a dark tunnel, with light shining down on Amanda’s face, illuminating her elegance. As we set up the shot, I was filled with anticipation, knowing that this was the moment that would make the entire video come together. The tunnel’s atmosphere was ethereal, the darkness engulfing us as the light cascaded gently onto Amanda’s face. She looked like an angel, her eyes sparkling with emotion and her hair framing her face like a halo. The camera seemed to capture her essence effortlessly, and I knew we were on the brink of creating something truly extraordinary. With each take, Amanda delivered a raw and powerful performance, her emotions palpable in every frame. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe as I watched her, thinking about how far I had come and how close I was to achieving my dreams. The collaboration of talented individuals, coupled with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Amanda’s breathtaking performance, resulted in a music video that I believed could be my ticket to the big leagues.

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