Negative One (Original)

As Valentine’s Day approached, I was hit with a sudden wave of inspiration. I wanted to write a follow-up record to “One Time” and explore the depths of old breakups and failed relationships. Sitting at my computer, I turned to my wife, Brenna, and shared my idea. With our untraditional marriage, Brenna smiled at the notion and agreed. And so, I dove headfirst into the creative process. I spent hours on BeatStars Marketplace, sifting through countless instrumentals, searching for the perfect one that resonated with my vision. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a track crafted by the same producer duo who had created the instrumental for “One Time”, Frank Moses and BlindForLove. It felt like destiny. Energized by this discovery, I wrote the record, eager to bring my new creation to life. For this song, I decided to record in the old studio booth at my in-law’s apartment. The nostalgia of the space seemed fitting for the theme of the song. I gathered my recording gear, bottles, and beers, and headed straight over. After locking myself in the studio, I began the recording process in private, getting absolutely hammered in the process. The bottles of liquor and cans of beer were my muses for the night, their contents fueling my emotions as I poured my soul into the microphone. Throughout the session, I chain-smoked cigarettes and blunts, drowning my sorrows and anxiety in alcohol, only stepping out of the room to make drunken, inappropriate comments. The atmosphere in the apartment grew tense with each passing hour, but I was too consumed with my work to notice. By the end of the night, the recording session was complete. However, it came at the expense of an explosive argument ignited by my careless remarks. The air was thick with disappointment and resentment. My phone buzzed incessantly with messages from family members expressing their displeasure, and I could feel my heart sinking further into the abyss of depression. With my alcoholism casting a dark shadow over what should have been a triumphant moment, I found myself taking a walk that night, alone, trying to escape the relentless rain cloud of disappointment that followed me. The night was cold, and the streetlights cast eerie shadows on the pavement as I wandered aimlessly, haunted by the events of the evening. Despite the turmoil, a small ember of pride burned within me. I clung to the belief that I had created something truly amazing with this new record, a potential Top 40 hit. The intoxicating melody and raw, emotional lyrics felt like a testament to my artistic talent, even as the weight of my self-destructive behavior threatened to snuff out the light of my accomplishment.

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