August 8th, the day had finally arrived. I had booked a PPV show at FirstLive, and Alonzo would be opening with a comedy set. My last performance of K-Rock Chronicles left me feeling unsatisfied. Danny Garcia’s words echoed in my mind, “Ok, but so what?” I knew what he meant. I had all the talent in the world, and yet, I was wasting it on drunkenly telling stories and singing covers. This time, I promised myself things would be different. Still high from the creation of Global Domination Productions LLC, I spent countless hours crafting an original set, featuring all of my acoustic classics and a new song I had just written, “The Light.” The night of the show, Alonzo and I arrived at FirstLive, taking our usual spots at the bar. I told myself I would have just one drink to “loosen up,” but that quickly spiraled into several. My buzz intensified, turning into full-blown drunkenness. As Alonzo wrapped up his live set, which was being broadcasted worldwide, I stumbled onto the stage, my mind hazy and my vision blurred. I knew I was drunk, but that didn’t stop me from launching into my set. My fingers fumbled over the guitar strings, and my voice wavered as I attempted to sing. I could feel the disappointment and embarrassment welling up inside me, but the alcohol kept me from caring. I knew my mother was watching. I knew I wasn’t living up to my potential. And yet, for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to stop drinking. As I wrapped up my performance, the heat from the stage lights intensifying the sweat pouring down the back of my neck, Alonzo joined me on stage. We cut a promo for our show, trying to maintain some semblance of professionalism. But inside, I was spiraling out of control. We celebrated that night as though everything had gone perfectly, but deep down, I knew I had let myself down once again. The disappointment was a heavy weight on my chest, but the alcohol provided temporary relief, numbing the pain.

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