Little Touch (Original)

As I sat on my worn-out computer chair, the taste of liquor still fresh on my tongue, my mind raced through the events that had led to my failure with the “Negative One” music video shoot. My head throbbed as I leaned back, the frustration bubbling beneath the surface, threatening to spill over into a torrent of self-deprecation. I couldn’t afford to wallow in the disappointment; it would only hold me back from reaching the success I knew I was destined for. My vision blurred as I recalled the day of the shoot. The sun had been shining brightly over the park, casting a warm glow over the corner that housed a Starbucks and an outdoor café. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the chattering of patrons had filled the air as Alonzo and I had prepared for the shoot. Closing my eyes, I channeled that memory and began to craft lyrics for a new, raunchy record that would lift my spirits. My fingers danced over the keyboard, the words pouring out of me like a wild river. The memories of that corner café transformed into a sultry tale about meeting a woman at a café and taking her home for an impassioned night of intimacy. As I typed, I stumbled upon a fantastic guitar instrumental by KennethEnglish. The soulful chords struck a chord within me, and I knew that this was the perfect backdrop for my story. I felt like I was back in my element, closing my eyes and envisioning myself in a professional studio, the music enveloping me as I wove my tale. Word after word, I pieced together a record that showcased the depths of my fantasies, all while utilizing the melodic capabilities of my voice to sing over the raps I had written. I was creating a unique style that was entirely my own. Listening back, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the outcome. It seemed as though I was alone in the industry, fighting tooth and nail to not let anything set me back, especially the depression of past failures. The sound of the liquor bottle clinking against the glass on my desk snapped me back to reality. In my drunken haze, I had been able to channel my disappointment into something more powerful, something that would keep me moving forward.

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