La Voz (Original)

The sound of Spanish music pulsated through the walls of my home, a constant reminder of my Puerto Rican roots. My wife, Brenna, was a huge fan of the genre, and her love for it seeped into my subconscious, urging me to explore it further. When I heard “Booker T” by Bad Bunny, a tribute to one of my favorite wrestlers, I knew I had to delve deeper into this realm of music. Inspired by the rhythmic beats and infectious energy, I found myself back on BeatStars, searching for the perfect instrumental to bring my creative vision to life. I had a history of singing Spanish music for crowds, performing for local politicians, and showcasing my inner Marc Anthony and Hector Lavoe. It was time to tap into those memories and create something new, something that was uniquely me. Years earlier, I had penned a short script called “La Voz,” a story about Lavoe’s heroin abuse and the power of music. While I never played the character on film, I had covered his music on Smule’s karaoke app, and those melodies still haunted me. With a renewed sense of purpose, I began crafting over-the-top lyrics to match the message I wanted to convey: yo soy la voz del nuevo mundo (I’m the voice of the new world). As the night progressed and one six-pack of beer turned into two, I set up my recording equipment and prepared to bring my creation to life. But midway through the recording session, a familiar song caught my attention – one that Brenna had played on repeat. It was “Almost Like Praying” by Lin-Manuel Miranda featuring Artists For Puerto Rico, a tribute to our beloved country. The music and lyrics meshed so well with the beat I had chosen for “La Voz” that I couldn’t help but stop the session. I sat at the computer and looked up the video on YouTube, pressing play immediately upon seeing the icon. As I sang along, looking at the visual for the first time, I was stopped in my tracks. Rewinding the video, I spotted Anthony Ramos standing among the most legendary Puerto Rican artists of our time. “Jesus Christ.” I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride for him, but also a sense of invisibility for myself. I tried to shake it off, turning to the remaining beers in my fridge for solace. Channeling my inner Brock Lesnar, I bounced around, headphones on, and finished recording “La Voz.” In a moment of defiant bravado, I sang in the final adlib, “It’s almost like … nah .. ha. They ain’t put me on that track… I’m doing this shit solo, baby.” As soon as Alonzo arrived, I played him my latest creation, my voice infused with passion and determination. When the song ended, he asked if I was really going to go to war with the biggest artists from Puerto Rico. Without hesitation, I replied, “They aren’t the voice of the new world. I am.” My ego and intoxication intertwined, and instead of embracing the love and light “Almost Like Praying” represented, I clung to “La Voz” as my personal soundtrack. It was a reminder that I was a force to be reckoned with, a nobody rising to become the voice of the new world.

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