After experiencing the high of the previous night, I spent the following day alone in Storm’s house as he traveled around handling business. After editing videos for Weekend Work and Ky-Mani, I found myself staring at the screen once again, lost in a trance of what was to become of my career. I reflected on thoughts I had in the days leading up and grew a stronger appreciation for my family’s history. We didn’t have much growing up, but we always had the necessities, and that was enough to ensure our survival. After browsing YouTube for some sort of distraction, I came across a video on Rolling Stones’ channel featuring Dave Grohl performing an acoustic version of the Foo Fighters record “Something From Nothing.” The sentiment resonated exactly with how I was feeling in that moment, and I picked up my guitar, still blackened by the ash of the house fire, and proceeded to learn the song. In no time, I found myself downstairs, with yet another glass of Vodka, and another cover to record. After assembling my trusted recording setup, I entered the booth once again in an attempt to make use of the time and further my career in entertainment. Drawing inspiration from the video itself, I would add the visual as an overlay and play exactly to the tune, creating a cover effect that replaces Dave’s audio on the original video. I sat in the dark studio, feeling the buzz from head to toe, and awaited Storm’s arrival. The road to stardom was long and weary, but I knew I was in the right place and on track to making my family proud.

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