No Games (Serani)

This truly was one of the strangest times in my life. I spent my days drinking cheap beer and eating dry cereal in my sectioned-off living room. My ex-girlfriend from High School years was in and out of my life, and with a pending marriage proposal to another man that I was tipped off to, I began losing my mind. The cheap MXL condenser mic I had next to the sofa-bed I slept on was just enough to execute how I was feeling. There was no acoustic cover for Serani’s “No Games” online at that point, so I felt it would do ok. It had been a few years since I put out my first acoustic cover, and I wondered if I’d get the same traction. My roommate at the time was never home. I took the day off of work, as was becoming a regular occurrence, and I locked into this cover. To my surprise, this video surpassed all of my previous cover videos in viewership, amounting close to 60k views over time. This was my first lesson in catching a tune while it’s hot. This Serani record was spinning everywhere I went, and putting out a raw acoustic version at the right time was a lesson well learned. Still, with all that was going on, I started spiraling out of control, drinking til I pass out in order to block the world out of my consciousness. I was alone and unsuccessful, and my bitterness toward myself manifested in alcohol abuse. I was too blind to see the truth of what was right in front of me; a truth I would come face to face with in time.

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