I was booked to perform at Gizzi’s, and with the owners away, the traditional setup was not prepared. I had done my fair share of promotion, so the venue filled with patrons ready to hear me play. I remember the initial panic, as I scrambled throughout the coffeehouse, checking closets for the mixing board that had amplified all of my previous performances. With no solution in sight, I went outside to smoke a cigarette, where I was approached with an idea. I don’t remember who made the suggestion, but performing in raw acoustic form seemed to make sense for the evening. Without a microphone or an amp, I took the stage that night and tried my best to project my voice to the back of the room. The appreciation felt by the end of the set all but brought a tear to my eye. From the depths of my gut, I gave the people what they came to see, and I was reminded, once again, that everything I needed was within me.


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