Brother (Matt Corby)

Months prior, Pearl, a friend of Storm’s and the company, would walk into the office and show me a video of Matt Corby. This would be my first time ever hearing of Matt Corby, or the song “Brother”. For months, I noodled on the guitar, trying to draw inspiration from Pearl’s comparison of me and Matt. As I obsessively searched online for a chord structure of my design, I finally reach a tab that my fingers would allow me to play. In my thoughts, I would begin pouring drinks in the kitchen, making my way to the basement studio to feel as though I was doing anything to advance my career in that moment. After setting up cameras across the studio space, I entered the booth and began strumming the guitar in a drunken attempt to cover Matt Corby’s “Brother”, eagerly anticipating the final result. With “Alcohol” still making it’s rounds through my social media audience, I took this moment to drift away and revisit the very thing that got me started on my journey in entertainment: acoustic covers. Although not the best of performances, I sat back and watched with pride as I continued to empty the Vodka bottles hidden in the garage into my cup. I stared at the screen of my phone, and imagined a phone call in which the voice on the other side would congratulate me for being so special. The alcohol fueled my ego, and I became drunk off myself once again.

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