We got engaged on March 7th. It didn’t take long for me to see that I’ll always need Brenna in my life. Recovering from the ego burns of my journey as a frontman, we’d lay in bed, taking the shape of a pretzel, listening to the songs of “If Not Now, When?”. The wounds of Incubus didn’t hurt as much. I had heeded the advice I was given on that faithful day in SoHo and did something original. In the midst of a major turning point in my life, a collection of songs would emerge that changed the course of my performance style. During a time when I’d always find a reason to toast a drink, drug experimentation became a part of my “once in a while” routine. Traveling deep within my consciousness, I spent many nights in thought, crafting the words that would find me into lyrics. The recordings are demo quality, but I didn’t know any better. This was a time in which gigs can be booked without an EPK, streaming hadn’t yet dominated the industry, and any decent demo can get you a hole-in-the-wall. With a long history of DIY, I would become lost in the process, taking on every role, regardless of my level of expertise. What would come to be was entitled “Begin Again”, marking a new era in my life and looking enthusiastically toward to the future.

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