Being at certain studios, and around certain crowds, made me feel important. And with interest from a record label with major connections, I tried adjusting my career to fit their criteria. A name change to the moniker “Alec Town” was suggested, as they felt Alex Montanez was too ethnic and could not garner mass appeal. I booked my first show under the new name and threw back a glass of whiskey. I remember feeling as though every glass I pounded at the bar brought me closer to the artists I was trying to be like. I wanted this show to be different and came up with a plan to sing “as a frontman”, for at least one song. Wanting to experience the stage without a guitar in my hands was a big step for a singer-songwriter, but nonetheless, I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a guitarist. I offered “one song”, a ridiculous request by today’s standards. The fact that the ad was answered is just another indicator of how different the times were. I remember walking into the venue, Alphabet Lounge, and being greeted by fans and regulars at my shows. I remember how proud I was that I “found a guitarist to play Incubus with”. Literally, one song; the song that had previously made me leave New York City, “Wish You Were Here”. I got through my set of covers and originals and stood up, hands-free of my guitar, ready to showcase a different style of performance. While embarrassing to watch back, I’m forever grateful to Dan (guitarist) for allowing me to live out such a silly fantasy. In a room full of the drunkest people in New York City, we rode the wave. This would be the only show ever played as “Alec Town”.

Incubus – “Wish You Were Here”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Under The Bridge”
Original – “Routine Lullaby”

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