Cheez and I were in the basement apartment, surrounded by empty bottles of Hennessy and the sound of our latest track playing on loop. “Wavy” was our baby, and we had been working on it for a while. Between the guitar riff that laid the foundation, to the vocal adlib sprinkled throughout the track, it was a culmination of everything we had learned about music production, and we were finally happy with the final product. Fresh off the heels of “Want You Now”, I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment, knowing that this song was going to be the one that put us on the map. As we listened to it, nodding our heads in approval, I couldn’t help but think about how far we had come. From playing in my old bedroom with makeshift instruments, to now producing what we considered a banger, we had come a long way. But as the night went on, the Hennessy kept flowing, and the realization that there was still a long way to go began settling in. But with Bud and Roach Show making waves, I was confident we’d be able to get this song to an audience. And so the work continued.

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