Want You Now (Official Video)

Our circle collectively formed what we called the Free Mind Network, and with each of us honing our craft in different areas of creativity and entrepreneurship, Cheez and I would find ourselves making new music together on a consistent basis. Among these records, “Want You Now” would result in our first music video as a duo, using Bud and Roach Show as a promotional tool. After securing a venue, we locked in with DJ Overdose and DJ Echo, who we previously met at our BronxNet, along with a pop-and-locking dance crew that also graced the blue stage. Inviting friends, family, and fans, we would shut down Red Velvet Lounge, and host an exclusive night of partying, drinking, dancing, and filming. More of a promotional video than a music video, the footage would be crafted into an encapsulating experience of what went down that night. As we celebrated the night away, feeling as though we were next up on the road to superstardom, Alonzo would offer the iconic words, made famous by Andrew Dice Clay in his role on Entourage, known to close out each episode of our growing radio show, “we do the fucking!”. The nervous look on the faces of those unfamiliar with Zo’s antics would be the cherry on top worthy of the last frame.

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