Kal and King "Here Comes The Rain"

The day finally arrived for the big release of “Here Comes The Rain”, Kal and King’s debut album. We had poured our hearts and souls into these 6 records, crafting and refining each one until they reached perfection in our eyes. Although it was our first official release on streaming platforms, I was no stranger to the process, having gone through it with my own music and profiles. As the sun began to rise, I made sure to have every streaming platform open on my computer, poised to refresh each one at a moment’s notice. Cheez and I were in constant communication, both of us eagerly awaiting the moment when our hard work would be showcased for the world to hear. With each passing minute, the anticipation built as I continued to check the platforms, waiting for our album to appear. The first platform to go live was Spotify. My heart raced as I saw our official page created and our album listed as available. A feeling of pride washed over me as I shared the news with Cheez. Next came Apple Music, followed by Tidal, each one validating the countless hours of work and dedication we had poured into this project. As the morning turned into the afternoon, I continued to refresh the remaining platforms, watching as our profiles materialized before my eyes. I requested access to each one, meticulously ensuring our brand and message were consistent across the board. Cheez and I reveled in the excitement, taking time to appreciate this milestone and the journey it took to get here. Throughout the day, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the creative process behind the album. We had dug into the past, breathing new life into songs like Do The Do, Alive, and Touch Ya. We added depth to the solo instrumental we would release, When It Rains, which was reminiscent of our early days driving around aimlessly together. Thanks, a record I had written for my wife Brenna, would make its way into the mix, and we’d cap off the album with a brand new record, Who Are You Lovin’, which salvaged a previous beat that was produced and lost in our sea of sessions. As “Here Comes The Rain” made its rounds on social media, Cheez and I found ourselves in full agreement about our sentiments: regardless of whether the songs blew up or not, we put out an album together that made us proud, and that was all that mattered in that moment.

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