Just Doing The Do

With my heart pounding against my chest, I set off for New Jersey, eager to use my time with Storm to shoot a music video for “Do The Do,” a Kal and King record that Cheez and I had just finished producing. Though the caliber of sound was nowhere near radio-quality, and we were out of our league in terms of production value, I couldn’t shake off the excitement that coursed through my veins. With each swig from the bottle, my confidence and self-assurance grew, and what had seemed like a pipe dream slowly morphed into a seemingly brilliant idea. It was as if the alcohol had become a catalyst, fueling my passion and determination to make this music video a reality. Cheez and I, accompanied by JD, embarked on a journey, traversing various locations in search of the perfect backdrop for our masterpiece. We find our way to the magnificent castle nestled within the confines of a serene park that Cheez and I had frequented. The grandeur of the structure, juxtaposed against the lush greenery that enveloped it, provided a surreal setting that felt almost too good to be true. As we began shooting our music video, the castle seemed to whisper a promise of greatness, beckoning us towards a future that shimmered with the allure of fame and fortune. With each scene we captured, I felt a growing sense of invincibility, as though we were just one step away from making it “big time.” We continued to celebrate our progress, our enthusiasm unabated, as we found ourselves at the Anti-Social, an event at a local bar back in Brooklyn that provided a fitting sanctuary for our filming endeavors. The drinks flowed as freely as our creative juices, each round serving to amplify our confidence and inflate our egos. As I stood on the cusp of what I believed to be our impending success, the world around me seemed to blur, an intoxicating haze of alcohol and ambition clouding my vision.

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