Isadore (Incubus)

It became a love-hate relationship. Having expressed my frustrations about Incubus and Morning View to my brother, I couldn’t help but continue to play their music. JD came over to Hart Street, and with a primitive recording setup, I played various songs during his stay. Out came the cameras, and we began the process of crafting a multi-camera cover attempt at the Incubus record “Isadore”. I thought nothing of it. I was known for producing amateur covers on YouTube, and my relationship with the band was well-documented by those who knew me. My brother would get home that evening and discover me watching this newly recorded video on repeat. His words, which he denies remembering, would be heard loud and clear. “Get off of Incubus’ dick”. Somewhat embarrassed, I retreat back into my own world and analyze my current situation. I understood what was happening. Between the Apple Store incident and Jones Beach, I swore I would let go of the very thing that grew my popularity. Still, I uploaded it. The video would garner mediocre viewership, but a since-deleted comment from Steve Rennie, the manager of Incubus, would be a sign from the universe that it was time for the next level. “Great job”. Those two words meant more than anyone could possibly know, as from that moment, I felt validated.

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