The sun hung high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the city streets. Though the bustling sound of my neighborhood hummed in my ears, my thoughts were consumed by music – it was my true love and the driving force in my life. However, there was something else that gripped my attention, and it was the world of skateboarding. The anticipation of watching “Lords of Dogtown” on the big screen filled me with excitement. The local movie shop, with its rows of VHS tapes and familiar musty smell, had been my source of entertainment for years. But this time, I felt drawn to the full cinematic experience. As I entered the theater, my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit space, and the scent of buttered popcorn filled my nostrils. Finding my seat, I eagerly awaited the start of the film, little knowing that it would spark a new creative endeavor. Heath Ledger was a face I didn’t yet recognize. I was not as in tune with Hollywood as I was with the world of music and skateboarding. But his portrayal of Skip Engblom was captivating, as were the stories of the legendary Z-Boys. The film took me on a journey through the history of skateboarding, and I found myself enthralled by this world of extreme competition. When I left the theater, my mind was spinning with inspiration. My cousin Cheez was also navigating his own musical path. We decided to join forces as producers, and with the newly installed Fruity Loops on my computer, we christened ourselves the C Boyz Beats, a homage to Cheap Products and the Z-Boys that had captured our imagination. Our days were spent huddled over the computer, experimenting with different sounds and crafting our first batch of amateur beats. We were naive, not yet aware of the challenges that lay ahead in the cutthroat world of show business. But it was this very ignorance that allowed us to fully embrace the magic of those moments. Our laughter filled the air, and we reveled in the joy of creating something together.

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