Free The Goat (Original)

My days had become an endless cycle of drinking and creating music. The alcohol was slowly seeping into every aspect of my life, and now it had made its way back into my art. I was no stranger to the drunken laughter echoing through the halls of my building as I pieced together yet another Hip Hop track. Growing up as a singer-songwriter with heavy rock influences, I was hesitant to embrace my love for Hip Hop fully. I didn’t want to be labeled as a “rapper”; I considered myself an artist who wrote music in various genres. But the burning desire to create something new and different was too strong to ignore. The phrase “Free The Goat” had become an obsession, and I decided to use it as the title for a new record that would represent a new King Roach – one who was unafraid to express himself in any way, regardless of what critics would say. After finding an instrumental titled “Goat” by Juanko Beats, it felt like a gift from above. I began writing, and the lyrics were over the top and outrageous. Every new bar I wrote felt like another badge of honor, another testament to my willingness to get filthy for the sake of shock entertainment value. After mixing and mastering the track in Logic Pro X, I sat back and listened to my creation. The bass thumped and the high hats sizzled as my voice boomed through the speakers. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride, even if it was fueled by alcohol. The lyrics were raw, and the beat was infectious. I played the track on repeat, letting the music wash over me and transport me to another world where I was free from judgment and criticism. In my intoxicated state, I was already envisioning the music video for “Free The Goat.” It would be as bold and outrageous as the lyrics, unapologetically embracing the chaos and reveling in the absurdity of it all. In a drunken moment of inspiration, I declared, “I need to find a goat farm.” I stumbled over to my computer and began searching for local goat farms on Google. My eyes scanned the screen, taking in the images of goats grazing in picturesque fields, their floppy ears and curious expressions capturing my imagination. I envisioned myself, King Roach, standing amongst these majestic creatures, spitting my rhymes and unleashing my inner goat. I knew that shooting this music video would be the ultimate act of rebellion, a declaration of my unwillingness to conform to any one genre or style. With every fiber of my drunken being, I believed that “Free The Goat” would be the turning point in my artistic journey.

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