Dough Fiend (ft. Jonathan Duran)

I tried my best to keep JD close by. Landing him a job working with Brenna and me was easy, as I had become proof of concept of her caliber of friends. We’d spend our days talking conspiracy theories, trying to understand the true value of money. Trading time for money seemed primitive, and there was no way we could ever reach “elite” status under that current regime. When we weren’t in the office working, we’d often spend time together on Hart Street, where we obsessively crafted our ideas into perfection, waiting for our next big break. JD, after writing a poem entitled “Dough Fiend”, sat on the sofa while I worked my magic on Logic Pro, creating an instrumental to be used in our political statement. Upon completion, I encouraged him to get on the microphone and perform his spoken word piece to a backing track. We listened back, were impressed with our own creative capability, and decided collectively that visuals would be the next step in this process. The next morning, we would grab our cameras and film the morning commute. At work, I took shots around the office, compiling all the material I would need to expose the current system for what it really was. I conceptualized in my mind throughout the workday, planning the story that was to be told. Later that evening, the editing process would be complete, and the visual of our newest creation would be uploaded. With a clearer understanding of the slave system we were born into, we brought to life the truth about our population: we are addicts of a drug called currency.

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