Change (Deftones)

Back in the recording studio, alone once again, I found myself drawn to the familiar comfort of a cold Coors Light. The black plastic bag crinkled as I pulled a can from its chilly depths, the condensation clinging to my fingers like the weight of my regrets. I needed something to distract myself from the fact that my life was unraveling before my very eyes, and I had no idea how to stop it. My mind kept wandering to Brenna and the baby on the way, their future clouded by my inability to overcome my demons. In search of solace, I turned to the Smule app, a virtual refuge where I could escape from the world and lose myself in the melodies of my favorite artists. I navigated straight to the Deftones section, my finger hovering over the title “Change.” The song resonated with me in that moment, reflecting the disarray of my life and the desperate need for transformation. I dimmed the lights in the studio, plunging the room into a darkness that mirrored the turmoil inside me. The only illumination came from the soft glow of the app on my phone screen. I plugged in my headphones, feeling the weight of the world recede as the music filled my ears. Taking a swig of the cold beer, I steeled myself for the emotional journey ahead. As I began to sing, my voice wavered with the weight of my insecurities. The lyrics seemed to amplify my fears about my ability to provide for my growing family. My heart ached with worry, yet I continued to pour every ounce of emotion into the song. It was as if the words were an incantation, a plea for change to come from the darkest depths of my soul. The darkness in the studio seemed to close in around me, wrapping me in a cocoon of introspection. As I belted out the chorus, I felt the lyrics carving a path through the chaos in my mind. The cold can of Coors Light in my hand served as a crutch, a temporary balm for the storm of emotions that threatened to engulf me. Each note brought with it a new wave of doubt and fear, yet I continued to sing, seeking solace in the haunting melody.

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