Connection (Official Video)

The creation of “La Voz” was a bittersweet moment in my life. It boosted my confidence and drive but simultaneously tore me down with the reminder of my drunken behavior. As the calendar inched closer to 4/20, I felt inspired to do something special for the occasion. I started working on a new treatment for “Connection (Light It Up)” and thought of the perfect collaboration to bring it to life. I reached out to the Glass Blunt Store, a company I had worked with on smaller projects in the past. I pitched an idea that would mutually benefit us both: I would shoot the music video in the style of an advertisement for their products, and in exchange, they would use the video as a promotional tool, granting me access to their global audience. It was a match made in heaven. With Alonzo and Special T on board as director and location provider, respectively, the pieces began falling into place. We enlisted the help of Chrystal Justine, a friend of Alonzo’s and former co-worker, to bring an extra element of excitement and sex appeal to the video. Our first day of shooting at Tom’s house was plagued by issues with the camera’s auto-focus, resulting in subpar quality compared to its capabilities. Determined to get it right, we returned for a second day to reshoot performance scenes in full 4K resolution. I had connected with ButtaSoft Clothing, which generously provided the clothing for the shoot. As we wrapped up the final scenes and I shot all the b-roll myself, I felt a surge of excitement knowing that we had captured everything we needed to bring my vision to life. Back at home, I dumped all the footage into my computer and began the editing process in Final Cut Pro X. I meticulously pieced together every part of our production, ensuring that nothing went to waste. Once the final cut was complete, I sat down with Brenna to watch it back. As the video began playing, I felt my heart race. I glanced over at Brenna, her eyes locked on the screen. The colors popped, the scenes flowed seamlessly, and the chemistry between Chrystal and me was undeniable. I knew that some people, especially my mother, might raise an eyebrow at our closeness, but I also knew that my relationship with Brenna was strong, secure, and unorthodox. As the video came to an end, I looked over at Brenna, her eyes still shining with excitement. She turned to me and smiled, her approval evident. This fun, stoner record was a meaningful addition to my growing catalog of releases, and with all the hurdles faced during production, I couldn’t have been more proud of the final product.

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