X-EL at the Apollo (Round 2)

Despite the steady paycheck I was receiving from my security job, I knew that it wasn’t enough to sustain my long-term goals. So, I continued to network and hustle, trying my best to stay focused on my dream while also keeping up with the demands of the industry. It was Round 2 at The Apollo, and seeing my brother up there, pouring his heart out on stage, had me grappling with my own ambitions of being a successful entertainer. As my brother finished his set, the crowd erupted in applause, and I joined in, cheering him on as he was voted a winner in Round 2 of the Apollo competition. But even as I celebrated his success, my phone buzzed with messages from American Primetime TV executives, discussing details of our pending deal. It was a tempting offer, one that would bring stability and some financial security, but it also threatened to pull me away from my own artistic pursuits. As I texted back and forth with the executives, I couldn’t help but feel torn. On the one hand, I needed to make a living and provide for my family. On the other hand, I knew that my true passion lay in entertaining and creating art. As all of these opportunities weighed heavily on my shoulders, I tried my best to enjoy the moment, and put the artistry that my brother put forth on that stage at the forefront of my thoughts.

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