The elevator doors opened, and Storm and I stepped out onto the familiar floor of Sirius XM. The air felt heavy like the walls were closing in on me. We were there to film Weekend Work for Coach PR and DJ Caesar, and the guest this time was the legendary Wyclef Jean. Despite knowing that this was an incredible opportunity, I couldn’t shake the feeling of despair that had been plaguing me for some time. Brenna and I had stopped speaking, our once-constant communication reduced to nothing but silence. My heart ached with the absence of her warmth and support, but I couldn’t bring myself to bridge the gap between us. On top of that, Nicole’s fundraiser was barely making a dent in the big picture of sustaining her life, and she was withering away in hospice, just out of my reach. It felt like the universe had decided to bury me in an avalanche of bad news, and I was struggling to catch my breath. As we set up for the interview, Storm glanced over at me, his eyes filled with concern. He could see the frustration and exhaustion etched on my face, and I knew I couldn’t hide it any longer. I was over it – the constant pressure, the weight of the world on my shoulders, the feeling that I was drowning in a sea of my own failures. The interview began, and I found myself standing behind the camera, my hands shaking as I tried to keep my focus on Wyclef. His voice echoed through the room, but the words felt hollow, disconnected from the whirlwind of thoughts that raced through my mind. My eyes flicked to the clock on the wall, and I began counting the seconds, willing the interview to end so that I could escape the crushing atmosphere. As Wyclef spoke, I couldn’t help but feel the irony of the situation. Here was a man who had achieved incredible success in the very industry that seemed determined to break me. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had ever felt the same sense of hopelessness that threatened to consume me. The interview finally drew to a close, and as the crew packed up the equipment, I found myself leaning against a wall, my body feeling like it was made of lead.

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