Weekend Work - Royal Flush

We would take another trip into the city on a Saturday morning, ready for whatever Weekend Work had to throw our way. In familiar fashion, we’d stop on our way in, grabbing bacon, egg and cheese bagels before finding our way inside Shade 45 studio. This week’s guest, Royal Flush, had previously made a minor appearance in my life through Nicole, who had close ties to Tragedy Khadafi. The Queens Hip Hop community was close knit, and in finding out who our special guest would be, I’d waste no time in texting NOE the news. “Guess who’s here? Royal Flush.” She responds, “Word?? Tell him I said what’s goodie!” Wanting to not overstep any boundaries, I kept this information to myself, and proceeded to film the interview. As Coach PR and DJ Caesar hosted a riveting show, I wander off in a daze, connecting the dots of my past with the probabilities of my future. Nicole, who had worked with Royal Flush on content in the past, was a reminder of how far I had come along in my own journey, now being a key member of the production team for this weekly show. With a clearer knowledge of what was expected of me, I moved with a heightened sense of confidence in knowing that I was a part of something bigger than myself. Purfek Storm Group had opened doors for me that I had never imagined would be possible. I was still a long way from being an established entertainer, but my work behind the scenes kept me a part of the conversation long enough for me to figure out my next move.

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