Weekend Work - Rotimi

As Storm and I made our way into New York City, I was filled with both excitement and despair knowing that Rotimi would be the next featured artist on Weekend Work. I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it must feel to be featured on an original 50 Cent production like “Power”. Despite being two years younger than me, Rotimi appeared to have the world in his hands, which made me reflect on all of my past mistakes. While his releases of “Beautiful Music” and “Lotto” were receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences, I couldn’t help but feel angry that my own work, “Alcohol”, an ode to a lifestyle of self-destruction, had yet to achieve any significant success. As Coach PR and DJ Caesar delved into Rotimi’s newly acquired record deal with G-Unit, I couldn’t help but think of the embarrassment I faced in front of Young Jack Thriller on the day I attended a Bud and Roach meeting alone and intoxicated. It seemed like everyone around me was more successful, and although I was aware of the benefits that came with keeping this caliber of company, it was taking a toll on my mental health, causing me to lose motivation and turn to alcohol for a boost of confidence. When I was drunk, I didn’t feel as bad about where I was in life, and I felt more in tune with the journey. As the interview came to an end, and we made our way to the infamous Sirius XM step and repeat, I watched as yet another younger and more successful artist commanded the attention of the building, taking control of the spotlight that I so desperately craved for myself.

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