Weekend Work - Papoose

Storm and I headed to Sirius XM, where Nicole was waiting for us. Papoose was today’s guest, and with the way things had been going, the additional help behind the camera was greatly appreciated. It wasn’t my first time seeing Papoose in person. Having made several visits to Purfek Storm Group, my mind drifted back to the memory of seeing him surprising his wife Remy Ma with a bouquet of roses while she held a meeting within the offices. The industry seemed enormous from the outside, but I was quickly learning how small it actually was. Key players held positions within various major ventures, and the idea of gatekeepers became all too real. Of course, the internet has allowed people to create a life from thin air and become household names, but within these walls existed a direct connection to Hollywood, and the feeling of being connected to the entire world assured me that my dreams were becoming a reality. Nicole, smiling behind the lens, concealed the pain she was experiencing, trying her best not to let her cancer ruin the moment for her. As Papoose broke into a freestyle, we looked at each other, understanding the exclusivity of the moment. This was becoming routine, and while the room continued forward with business as usual, I kept my focus on the step and repeat that adorned the wall, waiting for my moment in the limelight. Without the comfort of having a Plan B, the pressure of my dreams weighed heavy on my shoulders, and the drive back to New Jersey would be a quiet one.

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