Weekend Work - Mason Plumlee

By the time the Mason Plumlee interview went down, I was locked into my role as visual producer. This interview would open me up to a few realizations. First, it showed me that Shade 45 was beyond a music platform, and was dedicated to shining light on entertainers from all walks of life. The 22nd overall, first round draft pick by the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, Plumlee would talk in-depth with Coach PR and DJ Caesar, combing through his life and career in the NBA. Known for his athleticism and ability to finish at the rim, he also had a reputation for being a good teammate and hard worker, which I took into account when looking at my own purpose inside the Sirius XM studio. Attending Duke University, he would go on to win the NCAA Championship in 2010-2011, which made me reflect on my own personal struggle with going the college route. A 3-time dropout, I attended the same college, LaGuardia Community, over and over, consistently opting to chase my career in entertainment, rather than pursue a safer path. Coming from a family of basketball players, I began to envy his story as he discussed his older brother Miles and younger brother Marshall, who respectively played in the NBA and Duke as well. At just 25 years old at the time, it was hard to not make the comparison between us. I came to understand the “old-head syndrome”, and I watched as someone younger than I was breezed past me with his accomplishments. I kept my head low, and wondered when my next drink will be.

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