We hit the ground running, and my first visit to Sirius XM would solidify my purpose there. As I walked through the doors of Shade 45 for the first time, greeted by the poster of Eminem that graced the entryway, I took a moment to take in the essence of the space. To my right was the infamous Shade 45 step and repeat, which immediately echoed the words “How Sway!?” inside my mind. I was really here and needed a moment to process this new chapter in my life. An assistant arrived, uttering the words “they’re here” to our gracious hosts. We made our way to the front of the office, where I would see Joell Ortiz and !llmind for the first time. As a fan of Slaughterhouse, I was no stranger to Joell Ortiz and immediately started analyzing my catalog of mental references, pulling up every memory of mine in which his music had played a part. The interview commenced, and the thrill of being in the presence of this live radio experience gave me flashbacks to the Bud and Roach Show. Things were on ice as a brand, and my alcoholism had gotten in the way of running the brand properly. Still, I put those emotions to the side and delivered on my role. Coach PR and DJ Caesar delivered a classic interview in real-time, and as we left the studio that day, the pressure of editing would be a weight on my shoulders, and every ticking second took us further from a viral clip. Storm and I still had to meet with Ky-Mani, and with a long day ahead of us, I prepared the final cut in my mind, indexing all of the footage from memory as my reference points.

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