Weekend Work - Erick Sermon

As a musician, it was easy to admire the caliber of guests featured on Weekend Work. But as a fan of music, meeting the people behind some of the most iconic songs of all time was an additional cherry on top. We’ve all been plagued by moments when we know a song, but not the artist. Having heard of the name Erick Sermon in the past, it wasn’t until the interview began that I was able to piece together who this man actually was. As he sat there, talking in-depth about his catalog of successes, I quietly filmed in admiration, wondering if I’d ever be able to take the hot-seat myself. He speaks of sample clearances, and the investments he made which paid off ten-fold. No stranger to empty pockets, I viewed even his most minimal budget as astronomical, and became weary at the thought of continuing a career of low-budget independence. Yeah, I was good at using the tools I had at my disposal to their max capacity. But I wanted bigger tools, and a bigger budget. “If I had more money, then maybe I’d have a chance at major success.” As Coach PR and DJ Caesar wrap the interview, I disassemble the lens from the DSLR and pack the camera into a bag. Staring down at the equipment, I wondered if there would ever be a day when I didn’t have to do it all for myself. The dark cloud peaked it’s ugly head, once again, and I dragged my feet as we walked out of the Sirius XM building.

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