As sick as Nicole was becoming, the thrill of the entertainment industry gave her a sense of life and purpose. She would request to stay active with us for as long as she could handle it, and Storm would include her on the list of guests allowed to enter inside Sirius XM headquarters. Weekend Work was in full swing, and the visuals we were producing had come to be expected from fans of Coach PR and DJ Caesar. With another high-profile guest on their way, I watched as Nicole became red-faced upon seeing her celebrity crush in person. Dave East, an established rapper from Harlem, was coming into the studio for an in-depth interview on Eminem’s platform, completely unaware of the glow that Nicole was projecting because of him. She tried her best to keep a poker face, but having lived with Nicole in the past, I saw right through it. As I maintained my focus on the subject at hand, my mind focused solely on Nicole and this moment we were creating together. She was there for me when I had nothing but the will and desire to succeed in the entertainment business, and every time we made eye contact in the studio, I could see her pride in seeing how far I had come. I would have to rewatch the video to even remember what was said live on the air. As Nicole’s health worsened, I continued to find any way possible to breathe life into her, and I left Sirius XM that day with a smile on my face, knowing that the smile on hers was genuine.

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