Wake and Bake with @ImKingRoach

The morning after creating the commercial for “Wake and Bake with @ImKingRoach”, I could barely contain my excitement as I prepared for the launch of my show. I had spent the entire day promoting the live stream, and I couldn’t wait to share my vision with the world. I was confident that my OBS Packs would be the key to a seamless production and that this show would catapult me to the success I had always dreamed of. As the time approached to go live, I was buzzing with adrenaline. I took a deep breath and clicked the “Start Streaming” button on OBS. The show was now live, and I was ready to share my masterpiece with the world. But within moments, my excitement turned to panic as I noticed the camera glitches that were plaguing the broadcast. The smooth and polished production that I had envisioned was crumbling before my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it. My heart raced as I tried to figure out what was causing the glitches. I realized that I had severely underestimated the amount of RAM the computer would need to broadcast the show seamlessly. Having only recorded local files previously, I hadn’t anticipated the added strain of live streaming. With every glitch and stutter, I felt the crushing weight of failure bearing down on me. It was as if karma had come to collect for how I had handled my situation at S. Street Media. Despite the technical issues, I knew I had to keep the show going. I forced a smile and tried to maintain my composure as I continued with the broadcast. With each passing minute, the embarrassment and frustration festered within me. The limited viewership only added to my sense of failure, as I wondered if this would be just another disappointment on my long resumé. As the night wore on, I turned to alcohol to numb the pain and wash away the humiliation. The cold beer that had once fueled my creative fire now felt like a necessary crutch to keep me standing. I continued to drink, each sip a desperate attempt to forget the disaster that had unfolded in front of a live audience. My thoughts spiraled, and I couldn’t help but feel like the universe was mocking me. After all the effort I had put into the commercial and the promotion of my show, I was met with technical difficulties that had made a mockery of my hard work. It seemed like all my ambitions were crumbling before my eyes, and I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I deserved it.

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