Unseasonably Warm Weather

We stood by the bar inside of FirstLive Coffeehouse, deep in discussion over the first week of broadcasting “Good Morning Bushwick”, our new morning show that was bound to take us to the top. I down a shot of whiskey, chasing it with a crisp lager from a local brewery, and prepare myself as Alonzo and I would take to the streets of Bushwick to speak with locals. Things in my marriage had been rocky, but steady, and I tried my best to be in the moment as we planned to introduce Bud and Roach to the streets that raised us. Camera in hand, we’d make our way around Bushwick, collecting the opinions of strangers as we tried to decipher the mystery of the unseasonably warm weather we’d been experiencing. Thinking back to our early days on Hart Street, and the discussions about HAARP and other weather modification tools, it seemed as though history was repeating itself, and we found ourselves in the middle of what the public would classify as a “conspiracy theory”. Meanwhile, my family life was in shambles. My sister Angie, who had been ill since my days at Storm’s house in NJ, would enter the hospital for routine surgery, hoping to overcome any potential complications that may arise from her pre-existing issues. After 5 days of live broadcasting, and feeling on top of the world, I stood on the bed in Brenna’s room, feeling “too exhausted” to make my way to the hospital after she had gotten out of surgery. My phone rings, and as my mother hands the phone to my sister, the words she said to me would be the last, as later that night she would slip into a coma. My sister, a proud supporter of my career since the beginning, took every opportunity she could to show me how proud she was of the things I was able to accomplish. Her presence would light up the room of every venue she attended in support of her little brother. But at this moment, I felt as though my desire for fame and fortune had once again taken something from me, and I missed out on the opportunity to show her how much I love her.

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