#TheKitchenMovie: A JD Story

It was opening weekend for The Kitchen, and JD had called me up to tell me about the small role he had landed in the film. I could hear the excitement in his voice, and I knew how much this opportunity meant to him. It was a chance to break out of the indie roles he had been playing and make a name for himself in the industry. I was proud of him, and I knew I had to do something to show my support. As a graphic designer, I had a skill set that could be put to good use. I got to work redesigning the movie poster, featuring JD front and center in his role as the pimp who gets murdered in the movie. The new poster was eye-catching and drew attention to JD’s role, highlighting his talent and potential. Together, JD and I made a plan to hit the streets of New York City on opening weekend. He would dress in character, and we would hand out flyers promoting the film. He assembled a team of supporters, and we made our way to Times Square, ready to promote the film and support JD’s career. As we hit the streets, handing out flyers and engaging with people, I felt a sense of pride and purpose. For once, my focus was on someone else, and it felt good to be there for a friend. I filmed the night’s events, capturing the energy and excitement of the moment. After editing the footage, I worked on putting together a script, with JD voicing it over. The final product was a beautiful piece of content that we could look back on as a reminder of the support we have for one another. It was a reminder of the importance of supporting those around me.

The Kitchen

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