After leaving S. Street Media, I found myself retreating back into my shell, like a hermit crab seeking solace from the chaos of the world. The only time I dared venture out of my safe haven was when I visited FirstLive CoffeeHouse for a live broadcast. The 30 Days To Rock festival was still in full swing, and it was worth the trek to Bushwick if I didn’t have to run the production board myself. That’s what my OBS Packs were designed for, after all. These OBS Packs were my brainchild, designed to give users an easy-to-use, customizable template for running a production board from the comfort of their own homes. I understood why my innovation might ruffle the feathers of those with brick-and-mortar establishments, but I couldn’t help but be captivated by the idea of making money in the digital space. Downloadable files meant unlimited inventory, and the potential to sell a million overnight if I played my cards right. I needed a show to showcase the capabilities of my invention, and that’s when I resurrected the idea of “Wake and Bake with Roach.” This show was designed around the fact that the world was still shut down, with all of us adjusting to a new reality. I downloaded a bunch of royalty-free footage featuring sky blue and hot pink, stripped it of all color, and began crafting the commercial that I believed would set the world on fire. I sat down at my computer, a cold beer within reach, and began editing the commercial for “Wake and Bake with @ImKingRoach.” The rhythmic clicking of the keyboard filled the room as I meticulously pieced together the visuals and audio, creating a masterpiece that would showcase my OBS Packs’ capabilities. I took a swig of my beer, the cold liquid flowing down my throat, invigorating me and fueling my creative fire. As the night wore on, I found myself becoming increasingly intoxicated, but it only seemed to stoke my confidence. I was certain that this project would finally be the one to launch me and my OBS Packs into the stratosphere. I stared at the screen, the colors and images swirling together like a kaleidoscope, and for a brief moment, I was lost in the beauty of my creation. My fingers flew across the keyboard as I put the finishing touches on the commercial, the anticipation of success sending shivers down my spine. The OBS Packs would revolutionize the industry, and “Wake and Bake with Roach” would be the catalyst for my ascent to superstardom.

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