After an intense few days of shooting at various locations, Storm and I finally sat down to finalize the edit for the Rosa International EPK for the client of Purfek Storm Group. Each artist interview had been shot at a different location, and our goal was to gracefully piece together the production that would guide viewers through a journey of all the talent featured inside Rosa International’s roster. The room was dimly lit, the darkness only broken by the cold glow of the computer screen as we began our editing session. It felt almost intimate, this shared space where creativity and collaboration would flourish. The soft hum of the computer filled the air, the only sound accompanying our breathing and the occasional click of the mouse. As I stared at the screen, trying to gather my thoughts and envision the final product, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of worry that gnawed at the edges of my mind. My family was going through their own struggles back home, and there were moments when I felt my career in entertainment was nothing more than a pipe dream. In the stillness of the room, it was impossible to ignore the weight of those thoughts. I glanced over at Storm, his face illuminated by the computer screen, and wondered if he could sense my uncertainty. We had been working tirelessly, pouring our souls into this project, but I couldn’t help but question if it would all be worth it in the end. As we continued to work on the edit, I found it difficult to focus. Images of my family, and the hardships they were enduring, played like a movie in my mind, overshadowing the footage we were piecing together. The pressure to succeed and provide for them was immense, and I struggled to balance my dedication to my craft with the desire to be there for my loved ones.

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