The Purfek Academy Commercial

I sat in the dark room within Storm’s house, the place I had slept every night, and stared at the dimly lit computer screen that laid on top of the studio-sized table. Purfek Academy, an educational branch of Purfek Storm Group and a one-stop shop for aspiring entertainers, had been on my mind lately, as I continued to stare at the looping commercial playing on YouTube. The industry moved quickly, and the reality of what had happened slowly started to register. Just months earlier, every location featured on the commercial was a regular part of my life. The office space, the rehearsal space, the recording studio, it was all part of a web that existed under Storm’s control. But as life would give me a first hand look at the obstacles that Storm himself would have to overcome, I chose to adopt the minimalistic attitude, drawing from my youth as inspiration. “We don’t need any of that shit.” Deep down inside, I knew we were headed for a digital world, and while all the amenities were expected of an all-inclusive management company, I wasn’t bound by budget in regards to what I was able to learn. I obsessively searched the internet, looking for ways to integrate technology into our plan. The industry was filled with the highest of high moments and the lowest of lows. Understanding this, I tried my best to put my personal issues to the side, and focus on every task at hand. The bells and whistles of the entertainment world had momentarily faded, and the pressure of starting over made it difficult to not drink.

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