The Infamous Scarface Scene

In an effort to promote Sunday Night Screenings, I began a networking tour, visiting other film festival-like experiences in the New York City area. I came across an event I wanted to attend, which was to be hosted at a venue called The Tiki Bar. Unfamiliar with this part of Brooklyn, I traveled cautiously, unassuming about what I would be greeted with upon arrival. Instantly, the environment drew me in. Although this was not my event, I couldn’t help but critique the little things I would’ve done differently. Nonetheless, with a barrage of drinks at my disposal, I remained hidden in the shadows as I watched each film premiere on multiple screens throughout the bar. One film stood out, Amir Minder’s “When It Rains”, a film starring a young Jonathan Duran, and produced by his father, Eddy. This would be my first time meeting JD, and we instantly connected. An evening blunt sparked the friendship between two individuals with a common goal: superstardom, and so I invited him to Gizzi’s, where I would introduce him to the world I had created. After a night of drinking, we would take the subway back to Bushwick, where I would be asked to perform the Scarface scene I had memorized from my days in the basement in Queens. With cell phone in hand, JD would press record, and madness on the J train ensued.

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