It started to feel like therapy. The moments I spent writing about my life had begun to take the shape of a chaise lounge, and I found myself in tears more often than not. Just weeks away from launching Dominate The Globe, the story of my life and journey through alcoholism had nearly crippled me once again, and each day that I’d tackle a new era of my existence, I’d be forced to relive every moment without the crutch of alcohol to numb my senses. Having just turned 37, the reality of time wasted is sinking in, but my saving grace has been documenting it all for the world to see. For the first time in my life, my visions of grandeur aren’t the delusions of an alcoholic, but rather the next stop in my journey to superstardom. This story isn’t about whether or not you like me as a person, but rather whether or not you struggle with the same things I’ve struggled with on your journey, and finding the power to overcome them. The future is on fire whether we make it or not. The only difference is who’s bringing the heat. Each chapter, each new phase I wrote about, was like opening an old wound that hadn’t quite healed. Each piece of my life I revisited was therapeutic in its own way, but also forced me to face my demons head-on. As I reminisced on those times, I also realized how much support I had from those around me. Writing about these moments was gut-wrenching, but it also gave me hope. I found healing in revisiting the past, understanding how it shaped me, and laying it all out for the world to see. By sharing my story, I hoped to inspire others to confront their own struggles, finding strength and growth through vulnerability. As I continue to reflect on the years I’ve spent battling alcoholism, I now realize that sobriety was the missing key to unlock my true potential. No longer defined by my vices, I am ready to take on the world and live out my wildest dreams.


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