It had felt like a moment of divine intervention. I sat alone in my dimly lit room, with a heavy heart and a clouded mind, desperately trying to find solace as I relived the memories of my journey with Nicole. My fingers hesitated over the keyboard, scrolling through her Facebook page, now serving as an online memorial for her short yet impactful life. It felt like I was tearing open a wound I had spent so long trying to heal, but on that particular night, the need to grieve felt stronger than ever. I felt the familiar sting of tears streaming down my face as I recalled our aspirations to make it big in the entertainment world and the dreams we shared so passionately. As if in sync with my thoughts, a new post appeared on her timeline. My heart raced as I saw the name appear – Chermayne Davis, a longtime friend of Nicole’s. Though it had been years since that fateful night, it was clear Chermayne also still mourned the loss of our dear friend. With my heart pounding, I reached out to her, feeling a magnetic pull to share my most treasured secret – the whereabouts of Nicole’s tombstone. The burden of being the only connection between Nicole and her family had been a crushing weight upon my soul, and I longed to share my grief with someone who understood. As I delved into the photos of Nicole and Chermayne, their friendship and bond resonated deeply within me. Little did I know that this seemingly chance encounter would rekindle my creative fire. As Chermayne and I became more acquainted, I was struck with an idea that would allow us to work together in Nicole’s honor and channel our shared grief into something positive. I dedicated my efforts to transforming one of my previous virtual reality builds into an eight-floor facility, centered around battle rap and the Hip Hop community – a tribute to Nicole “NOE” Morris. The process was meticulous and required an immense amount of detail. Every floor, every corner of the virtual space, carried a piece of Nicole’s spirit. Chermayne, a respected and influential figure in the rap battle community, eagerly embraced the project. Her passion and drive breathed new life into our collective dream, and it was as if Nicole had introduced us from beyond the veil, urging us to continue our creative journey together. Our connection transcended mere coincidence, and I could almost feel Nicole’s presence guiding us. Together, we would forge a path that honored her memory, channeled our grief into art, and fulfilled the dreams that had once seemed so far away.

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