RTV: Behind The Scenes

As I continued to lay the groundwork for Roach TV’s foray into the wrestling world, I found myself pondering the death of “kayfabe” and its broader implications for entertainment. Kayfabe, the practice of portraying events within the wrestling industry as real when they are in fact staged, had been a fundamental aspect of the wrestling world for decades. Yet, with the rise of social media and the ensuing fascination with behind-the-scenes content, the veil of kayfabe had all but disintegrated. This trend wasn’t limited to wrestling; it had permeated virtually every corner of the entertainment industry. People seemed to be more intrigued by what happened offstage than the performances themselves. As I noticed this shift, I realized that the work I was doing behind the scenes held its own entertainment value. Inspired by this realization, I conceived a new show that would become a vital component of Roach TV’s offerings: “Roach TV: Behind The Scenes.” This show would provide an intimate glimpse into the process of putting together productions, revealing the previously hidden world that I inhabited. I set about recording the trailer for the show, capturing the energy, chaos, and passion that defined my work. Once the trailer was complete, I found myself sitting on my couch, watching it over and over again on my phone. With each viewing, my excitement swelled, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the vast landscape of new entertainment opportunities that lay before me. The power of OBS breathed new life into my creativity, and I was eager to harness its full potential. Even as I continued to drink on a daily basis, the painful memories of my father and sister’s untimely deaths began to feel more like an intrinsic part of life rather than an unbearable burden. With this newfound perspective, I refocused my energy on achieving the superstardom I had always believed was my destiny.

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