Purfek Storm / Stashed Mixer

The Purfek Storm Group mixer was just around the corner, and I couldn’t wait to attend. It was going to be an exclusive event with celebrity appearances, and Remy Ma was one of them. I knew that Unified Struggle, who we had featured on Bud and Roach Show, were huge fans of hers, so I reached out to them to let them know about the event. The night of the mixer arrived, and Brenna and I got dressed and headed to the venue. I was excited to see all the familiar faces and catch up with some industry professionals. As the night went on, I found myself drinking more than usual. The alcohol was flowing, and I was having a great time mingling with everyone. Brenna was by my side, and we even got a chance to take some photos on the step and repeat. As the night started to wind down, I was stopped by a member of Unified Struggle. She was in tears and told me that she had met Remy Ma thanks to me. I was taken aback by her emotions and immediately hugged her. It was a surreal moment, knowing that I had played a small part in making someone’s dreams come true. I was reminded of why I got into this industry in the first place, to help uplift others and create opportunities for those who may not have had them before. Brenna and I left the venue, still in awe of the night we had experienced. I was grateful for the connections I had made and the chance to bring joy to someone’s life. It was moments like these that made all the struggles and hardships worth it. As we headed back home, I made a promise to myself to keep working hard and creating opportunities for others, even if it meant sacrificing my own personal desires. Because in the end, it’s the impact we make on others that truly matters.

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