As Sunday Night Screenings remained a staple in the local filmmaking community, my relationship with the Duran’s strengthened. Jonathan and Eddy, a filmmaker/actor duo, would work diligently to produce a script for a pilot called “Pale Blue Light”. Looking for ways to include me, they created a character loosely based on my real personality, making it easy for me to “act my part” with little professional training. In preparation for the role, Eddy enrolled JD and me in private acting lessons, which would teach the very basics of the art form. It was my first night on set, and we traveled to Dumbo with blunts in hand, ready to go give our all to the “club scene” part of the pilot episode. Walking into the packed venue, being one of a handful of actors with lines, there was an inherent spotlight shining on us. No stranger to feeling important, I basked in the glory of being a top dog. In the presence of trained actors and actresses, people who lay their lives down on audition tape, my ego made me feel superior, as it was through sheer connections that I found myself in these opening credits. As we filmed throughout the night, my head got bigger, and I paid attention to every part of the production in hopes of one day producing a film series of my own. Eddy, a master at his craft, guided me throughout the process, ultimately giving life to his creation, and to those involved.

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